Thunder Bay's main attraction is Fort William Historical Park , the world's largest fur-trading post. It has been named as "One of the Top Ten Destinations in Canada". The Old Fort takes visitors back almost 200 years into the past, with ongoing historical reenactments. Most visitors spend a full day at the Fort in order to experience it all.

Kakabeka Falls, also know as "Niagara of the North" is only one and a half miles from our park. The falls drops 39 metres (128 feet) into the Kaministiquia Gorge. Explore the many nature trails at the falls.

Take a day trip just east of Thunder Bay on the Terry Fox Courage Highway. Stop at the scenic lookout where the Terry Fox Memorial is situated. From this high vantage point you can enjoy the view of the Sleeping Giant out in Lake Superior. Travelling a little further east you can mine for your own Amethyst, using tools provided at the mine sites. Thunder Bay has the largest Amethyst deposit in North America.

Also east of Thunder Bay is the Ouimet Canyon, which is 1.5 miles long, 329 feet deep and 492 feet wide. The Canyon holds flora dating from the last ice age, some of it found nowhere else in the world.

Other points of interest are the Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit, Centennial Park's 1910 Bush Camp, Pioneer Village, the Centennial Conservatory, Mount McKay Scenic Lookout, the International Friendship Gardens, the Thunder Bay Museum and the Art Gallery, just to name a few.

If you now feel that a day of relaxation is in order, try floating down the Kaministiquia River on a tube provided by River Rat Rentals . River Rat is located approx. 3 miles from our park. They will drop you and your tubes off at the starting point and will pick you up at the end of your run, which usually takes 2-3 hours to complete.

The best place to go to find all the attractions Thunder Bay has to offer is the Tourism Thunder Bay website.

Last Updated ( Monday, 04 June 2007 )