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Based on 2 people per night in Canadian Funds

Basic Site: $46.00
Elec. Only(15 amp): $51.00
Full Hook-up(30 amp): $61.00
50 amp: $6.00 extra
$2.00 for each add. person and 13% tax

Cabins: $120.00
$5.00 for each add. person and 13% tax
Camping Cabins are now available!
We've just added some photos of our Walking Trails to our gallery. Click Here to view .
Our Wifi coverage was expanded in 2011 and now covers the majority of the campground. A new antenna and equipment was installed that should provide medium to high signal strength for most of the park.
Connecting to Wireless PDF Print E-mail
Sometimes you might just have problems connecting to Wireless. This guide will show you a few quick things you can check.
Is your Wireless turned on?

Lots of laptops have switches or button combinations you need to press to turn your Wireless on. Some Dell laptops require that you hold the FN, or Function key, and press F4 which has a little Wireless icon on it to turn the Wireless on, and then it shows a light on the Wifi icon by the Power button. Some other laptops have a dedicated Wireless button somewhere above the Keyboard. Some others have a little sliding button on one of the sides. It varies by Laptop Model so you will want to take some time to make sure you know where the button is.

Is your Wireless Network Connection enabled?

It's possible that your Wireless was disabled somehow. To find out if it's enabled you can do the following...

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel (may be inside Settings)
  3. If you see 10 icons, click Internet and Network Connections, and then click Network Connections
  4. If you see 30 icons, click Network Connections
  5. Inside Network Connections you will find a section called Lan or Highspeed Internet near the bottom
  6. Make sure Wireless Network Connection appears here and is Enabled (same thing for Local Area Connection if you are trying to use a Wired connection)
  7. If it's Disabled, right click it and click Enable if it's an option.
If there is no Wireless Network Connection inside Network Connections you either do not have Wireless, or the drivers for your Wireless Network Adapter are not installed. If it's an add-on Wireless card (usb, pc-card, expresscard, etc.) make sure it is securely plugged in.
If you just don't know how to connect to Wireless...

Connecting to our Wireless is fairly simple, but it's definitely not something everyone knows how to do. Normally, if your Wireless is turned on and you come within range of our Wireless, you should see a message pop up telling you there are Wireless Networks available. Clicking that message will let you choose our HappyHotSpot and connect.

If you did not see that message you will need to find your Wireless software. Wether your computer is using the basic Windows Wireless software, or the Software that came with your Wireless card (Intel, Linksys, Dlink, etc.) you should have an icon by your clock that you can use to run the program. If not, you'll just have to look through your Programs folder in the Start Menu.

The Windows software is pretty easy. Right click the icon by the clock, click View Available Wireless Networks, and when the list appears you choose HappyHotSpot and click Connect. Other software by Intel, Linksys, Dlink and others may be a little bit more complicated, but shouldn't take too long to figure out.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 May 2007 )
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