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Based on 2 people per night in Canadian Funds

Basic Site: $46.00
Elec. Only(15 amp): $51.00
Full Hook-up(30 amp): $61.00
50 amp: $6.00 extra
$2.00 for each add. person and 13% tax

Cabins: $120.00
$5.00 for each add. person and 13% tax
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Our Wifi coverage was expanded in 2011 and now covers the majority of the campground. A new antenna and equipment was installed that should provide medium to high signal strength for most of the park.
Wireless Internet
Thanks to a few new Wireless Antennas our Wireless Network has grown a lot.  Our coverage area has gone from 8 Full-Hookup sites, our Office, and Pool to approximately 90% of the park, though there are still a few sites at the edges which may have trouble.

If you let us know that you would like Wifi on your site when you sign in or make a Reservation we will do our best to place you within the coverage area.  In addition to our Campsites you will be able to access our Wireless out by the Pool, on picnic tables near the Telephone, and we have benches by the Office and Playground as well.

Even if you end up on a site at the edge of our coverage area and your large metal motorhome reduces the signal strength to very low or nothing at all, you can usually just step outside and sit on the picnic table to get a good signal again.  Rain would interfere with this of course, so we've placed picnic tables under a large roof attached to a building in the middle of our park where you can use the wifi rain or shine.

Our Wireless Internet survey results have been great so far and we thank our campers over the past few weeks for helping us out.  Our new antennas are only a few months old now but we're already planning our next upgrade to hopefully provide excellent coverage on every single site.

Campground Wifi Map! Click Here to view a larger version of this map in a new window/tab
The blue rings above show the approximate wireless coverage area, though the image is a bit outdated and the larger bubble now extends to the end of each road.
Wired Internet
If you don't have a Wireless Network Adapter, your laptop should at least have a Wired Network Adapter.  Inside our office we have a table set up with your needs in mind.  We provide the cable and all you need to do is plug it in and voila, high-speed internet! It's not as convenient as Wifi, but it sure beats dialup.  Speaking of Dialup, you can plug in at our Office as well but if you have Wifi or a Network jack on your computer we would prefer you use one of those methods. Besides, it's faster!
Wireless Useage Instructions and Guides
We've started to create some guides for those planning to stay with us and use our Wireless Internet access. These guides will show you what you can do to solve common problems people have while using Wireless Internet at Campgrounds and Hotels all over the world.

Problems Connection to Wireless - If you just don't know how to connect to Wireless, or things just aren't working the way they usually do, this section might help you.

Problems Sending Email - Some Internet Service Providers just don't like it when you try and send Email while using ours or any other ISP. This guide will show you 3 solutions to the problem. If you read the section on SMTP Authentication and contact your Internet Service Provider to make sure it works before you leave home on your trip, you can ensure trouble free Email sending wherever you travel.
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